Storytelling Session at Shawnee Elementary [Video]

Shawnee Elementary School in Forks Township celebrated International Storytelling Thursday.

She placed an elephant hat on her head and began to tell a tale.

Renowned storyteller Kristin Pedemonti visited Shawnee Elementary School in Forks Township Thursday for several sessions celebrating international storytelling.

Appearing in a morning assembly before kindergarten, 3rd-grade and 4th-grade students, Pedemonti had children laughing as she told the story of an elephant on a journey who finds a few friends along the way.

Students cheered and clapped and raised their hands to be volunteers as Pedemonti picked one girl to serve as a rabbit.

Pedemonti is the recipient of the National Storytelling Network 2011 International StoryBridge Oracle Award for her work bridging cultures through story.

Pedemonti was there to help celebrate cultural stories from around the world during a morning and afternoon assembly. She was also expected to hold a session for parents Thursday night.


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