Local Gymnast Will Go to Olympics as an Alternate

Lehigh Valley gymnast Ebee Price will go to the London Olympics as an alternate on the U.S. team

Friends, family, and neighbors lined up in front of Elizabeth "Ebee" Price's  home this week to give her a "hero's welcome" after successfully competing in the 2012 Olympic trials. American flags lined the street to welcome Price while neighbors held up homemade signs and banners. 


But Price, wearing a "Petty isn't Pretty" shirt, seemed unfazed by the commotion surrounding the decision. As she posed with neighbors and enjoyed cake and music in her driveway with friends, Price seemed to be genuinely flattered by all the attention. Her grace in the face of adversity isn't surprising to those who know her.

"Ebee is a huge hero to all of us," said neighbor Wendy Matsumura. "She's not only an amazingly dedicated gymnast, but a great person too."


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