Military Honored at Philadelphia Eagles Camp

More than 300 members of the military ate lunch from Dietz & Watson and watched the Philadelphia Eagles practice at Lehigh University Wednesday.

They marched toward the white tents set up on the practice field of Lehigh University to watch the at training camp Wednesday.

A sea of green, blue and gold filled the seats as Dietz & Watson honored more than 300 members of the military Wednesday with a free lunch and a chance to watch the .

"What we do is entertainment," said Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro. "But you allow us to be entertaining with your service to our country. We thank you."

Members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Coast Guard and armed forces were fed hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, chips, salads and desserts.

"Dietz & Watson has not forgotten our brave servicemen and women and supports the USO through their sponsorship of the Philadelphia Eagles by taking part in the Eagles Hometown Heroes program," a company statement said.

They also got an opportunity to hear from Spadaro and Eagles broadcasting legend Merrill Reese discuss the upcoming season and listened to a question-and-answer session with former defensive tackle standout Darwin Walker.

"These are fun times for the Eagles," Spadaro said. "Last year was a bad year that blew up in our faces. But we're figuring it out and are coming back stronger."

Reese, the Birds' broadcaster for the past 30 years, got the crowd fired up.

"I can't wait," Reese said in his distinct voice. "I can't wait until next Thursday night's first Eagles preseason game."

Walker recalled playing in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

"It was the best, and worst, experience of my life," he said.

Dietz & Watson honors Eagles fans serving in the military as Hometown Heroes at halftime of every home game.

Rookie Eagles cheerleader Amanda Rose called the experience with the military "amazing."

"I'm glad this is my first experience here at camp," Rose said. "The military -- they're so happy. It's really touching and nice. They're thanking us for today but we really should be thanking them."


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