Five Places in Palmer/Forks For Father's Day Gifts

Looking to find something for Dear Old Dad close to home? Here are some suggestions.

is just days away and I'm scrambling to get my father some gifts. Been so swamped I haven't had a chance to do some shopping. And it seems tough to buy presents for my Dad too.

He doesn't really read books or golf and doesn't even like going to concerts and baseball games anymore. So I've got some challenges.

Luckily, he lives in the same town I do so I know the places he frequents. You probably do as well in Forks and Palmer townships.

So here are some options:

1. What's that slogan? "Ace is the place...": Well, we just happen to have that hardware store on Sullivan Trail in Forks Township. has it all for the father who likes to tend to his lawn or enjoy some time on his deck.

2. Music is in the air: What father doesn't appreciate good music. My Dad does. A great CD to buy -- you can at in the Palmer Park Mall -- is the new Beach Boys record "That's Why God Made the Radio." It's their first with Brian Wilson at the helm in more than 20 years.

3. A present to soothe the tastebuds on a warm summer night: There's nothing wrong with gift cards, especially to . My Dad and Mom go to the one on Sullivan Trail in Forks often. There's also another location in Palmer.
4. Dad may not golf, but that doesn't mean he won't wear golf shirts: At the , you'll find numerous stores that fit your father's tastes. is always a best bet and priced right.

5. Nothing can be more satisfying than a good meal: My parents prefer on Sullivan Trail. I also think has the perfect ambiance too.


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