Amphitheater's 'Shoddy' Work not yet Fixed

Forks Township officials say the New York contractor who built the amphitheater will start repairs next week.


That on Forks Township's new amphitheater hasn't been fixed yet.

After Forks Township officials complained in mid-April that the construction company's work on its the repairs have not been completed. 

The amphiteater has events scheduled in little more than a month. The township has held back payments of about $30,000 as a sign of its displeasure.

Public Works Director Mark Roberts said Wednesday that he would not comment on the time it has taken to get Fourmen Construction Co. back.

"I just want to see some action on the items that we told them numerous times to fix," Roberts said.

Right now, Fourmen, of New York, is scheduled to start repairs on a half-dozen items next week. The work includes fixing differently sized steps, cracks in the concrete, numerous scratches on steel support beams and a patch on the main canopy.

Roberts said repairs to the fabric canopy is to start May 30, replacement of the steps June 4, and other work such as painting June 5 with a finish date of June 15.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss said he believed the delay was caused by back-and-forth discussion between the architect and concrete contractor.

"The work was very disappointing. We had legitimate concerns about the impact that work would have on the long-term viability of the structure," Chuss said. "We're concerned now about it being close to the shows. The work needs to be done by June 27."

The township's recreation department launches its June 27.

"I am disappointed at the delays and the quality of work," Supervisor David Billings said. "With that said, I am excited about the upcoming amphitheater season. It will be fun and exciting."


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