Forks Public Works Building Proposals Over Budget Once Again

Construction costs exceed the estimated $3.7 million figure

Forks Township likely will have to solicit bids a third time for construction of a new public works building -- with a budgeted figure of $3.7 million -- after bids came in over budget a second time.

The lowest total for the proposed 23,000-square-foot facility was $4.75 million, according to township manager Rick Schnaedter.  

The township sought separate bids for general construction, plumbing, electrical and mechanical. According to Schnaedter, there were 11 proposals for general construction, five for mechanical, 10 for plumbing and three for electrical. Adding up the lowest bids in each category came to $4.75 million.

The board will likely discuss the matter at its Aug. 18 meeting.

In February, proposals came in higher than expected, with the lowest total at $5.29 million. At that time, the township received 12 bids -- compared with the latest submission of 29 bids.


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