Former Hanson Aggregates Building to Become Alzheimer's Care Center

24-hour patient care facility for Alzheimer's and dementia patients

A proposal to locate an Alzheimer’s care facility in Forks Township has been approved.

On Thursday, the township’s Board of Supervisors approved a proposal from Brookside Commercial Construction for a 22,000-square-foot facility at the former Hanson Aggregates building at 1900 Sullivan Trail.

Voting in favor were supervisors David Billings, C. David Howell and Lilly Gioia. Not present were supervisors Robert Egolf and Erik Chuss.

Under the conditional-use approval, Brookside will utilize the building strictly for Alzheimer’s and dementia patient care. If any additional usages -- such as a nursing home -- would ever be considered, Brookside would have to go before the board again.

“If that changes in the future we will oblige ourselves and come before the board,” said Mickey Thompson, an attorney and chief operating officer for Brookside.

Brookside also owns the Whitehall Manor and Upper Saucon Manor, both assisted living care facilities. In June, Brookside submitted paperwork to the township for a personal care or group home facility. But the company revised its plans and sought a facility strictly for Alzheimer's and dementia care.

Brookside will have to determine the Sullivan Trail facility's actual acreage under the conditional-use approval.

During Thursday night’s hearing, the actual acreage was brought into question.

The original structure had an addition put on over the years, according to Larry Laurintzen, land manager for Hanson Aggregates.  Township records indicate two different lot sizes -- 5.34 acres and 5.88 acres. Laurintzen said during the hearing that the correct lot size is 5.88 acres. 

The lot size is of great importance because based on the lot size, the facility could house anywhere between 55 patients -- with 5.34 acres -- to 70 patients -- with 5.88 acres. Brookside wants to house 68 patients. A survey and plotting of the land must be done in order to determine the actual number of patients that can be housed.

The Sullivan Trail facility will be a 24-hour secured site.


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